Are you seeking peace?

Pray the rosary.

iRosary is a very special rosary for anyone wanting to learn to pray the rosary and also for those who know the rosary prayers well, but want a deeper experience than with a physical rosary.

Always New Audio

Male / Female / Both

iRosary includes studio-recorded male and female voices which can be played individually or together, saying alternating parts. You can switch voices at any time.

Moves Rosary

The audio track moves the rosary, updating the prayer text and images so you can follow along.

Travel Companion

iRosary is the perfect companion while traveling. You can control iRosary using the audio controls on your device’s lock screen, with your Apple AirPods, and Apple CarPlay.


Always New

iRosary creates an audio track each time you listen by mixing multiple recordings of the parts of each prayer. Like hearing a friend pray, you hear the same voice, but with a different tone and cadence from prayer to prayer. Each rosary audio track is unique.

Starts at Current Prayer

The rosary and audio always stay in sync so you can easily switch between listening to the audio and manually using the rosary at any time.

Natural Motion Rosary

Natural Motion

The iRosary rosary moves like a physical rosary and, when praying without audio, it is used to advance the prayers by moving it with your fingers. The tactile feel connects you to the prayers.

Switch Sides

You can place the rosary on either side of the screen for ease of use - just drag it to the side you want.

Design Your Perfect Rosary

You can customize the look of the rosary using the built-in rosary design tool.  Ultra increases the options to more than 180,000 possible designs.


Curated Images


Master Artwork

To help you meditate on each mystery, iRosary includes high-resolution images of famous religious paintings by artists such as El Greco and Murillo. We curated these from a review of thousands of paintings to closely match the theme of each mystery.
Ultra more than doubles the number of paintings and adds the ability to switch between them.


You can adjust how much of the screen is used by the prayer text and the images. For example, you can fill the screen with the images or display more text with smaller images.